We propose a system that invites all stakeholders to the table to create beneficial, actionable solutions that provide for the future of Texas and all its citizens. One Water. Solved. is a patent-pending water management system that calls for dissolving the barriers to inter-agency coordination, updating state laws to the benefit of everyone, and using modern technology to manage a new water system that allows for the prevention of severe drought and flood damage and the replenishment of our aquifers through purposeful dam management that really works for Texans.

Texas water rights

Step 1: Collaboration & Protection of Texas Water Rights

The first step that must be addressed is spreading awareness that there is a plan that could prevent a statewide water crisis, and that it needs support from cities, towns, state agencies, and private dam owners. That’s where you can get involved and spread the news.

Step 2: Limited-Scale Implementation & Refinement

One Water. Solved. is a solution that connects links in the water supply chain that are broken or haven’t been purposefully designed to work together. Developing and implementing the plan on a municipal scale would further refine the interrelated systems and how they interface to solve all the water issues. In order for the new grid to work, public and private dams (on a voluntary basis) would need to be repaired, upgraded, and maintained to function as a connected flood control and aquifer recharge network.

Step 3: Stepwise Implementation & Refinement Into a New Statewide Water Grid

Recharging the aquifers will take a monumental coordination effort that the New Grid will be designed to carry out. With the willing participation of Groundwater Management Areas and Groundwater Conservation Districts, Texas will be tasked with considering all stakeholders, water rights, and local and regional resources that will be necessary to rebuild the grid in a way that makes sense for the future of all Texans.

Let’s do this, Texas. Let’s protect our water resources for generations, working together.