It’s time to reinvent the Texas water cycle with a single, connected solution that will mitigate flood and drought severity while improving dams and providing ample water for all of us. One Water Solved is the solution.


4 Primary Challenges

The four primary challenges with Texas water are interrelated, and so are their solutions. It’s time for Texas water management entities and private dam owners to come together to plan for the future, and we have created a roadmap to lead the way.

Aging Dams
Low Aquifer Levels
Texas, Austin - Texas, Gulf Coast States, USA, Accidents and Disasters: Water Rescue crew on site searching for survivors after dangerous Flooding stock photo. Source: RoschetzkyIstockPhoto/

Texas faces four water problems that monumentally impact all Texans and the future of water sustainability.

Droughts – Extended droughts are a way of life for Texans, but they don’t have to be.

Floods – Historically, flood waters have decimated entire communities within our borders.

Aquifers – Underground water resources are being depleted faster than they can recharge.

Dams – Thousands of Texas dams are falling into disrepair, but strategic planning could give them renewed purpose and solve many Texas water woes.


What if...

What if Texans could leverage existing infrastructure to solve the current and looming water crisis? Other plans exist, but don’t offer a sustainable and holistic, sustainable, or economic view of water usage, rights, availability, and the coordination of all stakeholders.